Solex 2x2" Purple 9+ Allergen Label on Roll, Trilingual (500/Roll)

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Solex 2x2" Purple 9+ Allergen Label on Roll, Trilingual (500/Roll)

Product Overview:

Safeguard your customers with clear and comprehensive allergen information using our Solex 2x2" Purple 9+ Allergen Labels. These trilingual labels (English, Spanish, French) are designed to enhance food safety communication in diverse culinary settings. Each label efficiently communicates the absence of major allergens, including tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, wheat, and notes if the product is gluten-free. A case contains 500 labels on a roll, making it easy to dispense and apply.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Allergen Communication: Lists common allergens and provides checkboxes for easy marking, enhancing transparency and consumer trust.
  • Trilingual Text: Labels feature English, Spanish, and French text, making them accessible in multilingual environments and increasing comprehension among diverse customer bases.
  • High Visibility: The bright purple color ensures that the labels are easily noticeable, reducing the risk of allergen-related incidents.
  • Adhesive Backing: Equipped with a strong adhesive that sticks securely to various surfaces, ensuring that the labels remain attached through handling and storage.
  • Compact Design: At 2x2 inches, these labels are perfectly sized for packaging of all types, providing essential information without taking up too much space.

Enhance food safety and customer satisfaction with our Solex 2x2" Purple 9+ Allergen Labels, now available in a trilingual format. Designed to address the needs of an increasingly diverse consumer base, these labels play a crucial role in communicating important allergen information clearly and effectively.

Whether you operate a restaurant, bakery, or any food service business, these labels help you comply with food safety regulations and meet customer expectations for ingredient transparency. The checkboxes allow for quick identification of what allergens are absent in the food, making it easier for consumers with allergies to make safe choices.

The roll of 500 labels ensures that you are well-equipped to handle large volumes of food packaging with consistent allergen labeling practices. Opt for our Solex allergen labels to demonstrate your commitment to food safety and inclusivity, accommodating guests with allergy concerns in multiple languages.

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