Kids Cups w/ Lid & Straw

Kids Cups w/ Lid & Straw

Kids Cups w/ Lid & Straw

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Bulk Kids Cups 

Kids Cups prevent spills and become a souvenir for your customers. Reusable kids cups include lids and straws. 

Discover the joy and practicality of KEVIDKO's bulk kids’ cups, designed with vibrant colors and playful patterns to delight your youngest customers. These bulk kiddie cups are not only fun but also functional, crafted to withstand the exuberance of children with durable materials. KEVIDKO understands the value of creating lasting memories; our reusable souvenir cups wholesale collection offers an eco-friendly option that serves as a keepsake for families.  

You can also get your bulk kids' cups with a lid and straw, minimizing spills and ensuring a mess-free experience. These cups are perfect for restaurants, amusement parks, or family events where little ones are eager for a drink on the go. Make KEVIDKO your source for bulk kids' cups that are as resilient and joyful as the kids using them. 

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