89-400 32 oz Wide Mouth Straight Sided Glass Jar (12/Case)

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89-400 32 oz Wide Mouth Straight Sided Glass Jar (12/Case)

Product Overview:

Our 89-400 32 oz Wide Mouth Straight Sided Glass Jars are perfect for a variety of food storage needs, from preserving homemade jams and jellies to storing bulk pantry items like grains and spices. Each case contains 12 durable glass jars, offering a practical and stylish solution for both home kitchens and gourmet shops. The wide mouth design ensures easy filling and dispensing, enhancing both utility and hygiene.

Key Features:

  • Wide Mouth for Easy Access: The broad opening allows for easy filling and retrieval of contents, ideal for frequent use in cooking and baking.
  • Durable Glass Construction: High-quality clear glass not only allows for quick content identification but also ensures food safety by preventing contamination.
  • 32 oz Capacity: Ample size for storing large quantities of dry goods or batch preparations of condiments and preserves.
  • Versatile Use in Food Service: Perfect for restaurants, cafes, and home kitchens for storing ingredients or displaying homemade products.
  • Straight Sided Design: Maximizes shelf space in pantries and makes labeling easy for organizational efficiency or retail presentation.

Elevate your culinary storage solutions with our 89-400 32 oz Wide Mouth Straight Sided Glass Jars. These jars are indispensable for anyone serious about kitchen organization or presenting food products in an appealing manner. Whether you're storing dried herbs, preserving seasonal fruits, or showcasing specialty grains, these jars provide the clarity and quality needed for premium food storage.

The wide mouth design facilitates effortless filling and dispensing, making them particularly useful for thick sauces and layered ingredients. Their clear, strong glass construction ensures durability and food safety, maintaining the freshness and flavor of your ingredients.

Offered in a case of 12, these jars are ideal for scaling up operations in commercial settings or ensuring that home pantries are well-stocked and beautifully organized. Their straight-sided shape makes them space-efficient and easy to label, perfect for streamlined kitchens and attractive product displays.

Choose our 32 oz Wide Mouth Straight Sided Glass Jars for a reliable, stylish solution to your food storage needs, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your culinary space.

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