Stretch-Seal 24"x2000' 35 Gauge Cling Film Cutterbox (1/Each)

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24"x2000' 35 Gauge Cling Film Cutterbox (1/Each)

Product Overview:

Our 24"x2000' 35 Gauge Cling Film Cutterbox is a versatile and essential kitchen tool designed for professional chefs, caterers, and home cooks alike. This premium cling film offers a practical solution for wrapping, covering, and preserving a wide variety of food items. The cutterbox design ensures ease of use and safety, allowing for clean, straight cuts every time without the need for scissors or knives. With 2000 feet of 35 gauge cling film, this product provides long-lasting use for all your food storage and preservation needs.

Key Features:

  • Generous Size: At 24 inches wide and 2000 feet long, this cling film is suitable for covering large trays, platters, and individual food items, providing versatility in use.
  • Durable 35 Gauge Thickness: The film's 35 gauge thickness offers a strong, durable barrier to air and moisture, helping to keep food fresh longer.
  • Easy-to-Use Cutterbox: The cutterbox includes a safe and effective cutting edge, ensuring you get the perfect amount of cling film every time without hassle.
  • Clingy and Clear: The high-quality film clings tightly to various surfaces, including glass, metal, and plastic, while its clear design allows for easy identification of contents.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for refrigerating, freezing, and microwaving, this cling film meets a range of kitchen needs from food preparation to storage.

Elevate your food storage and presentation with our 24"x2000' 35 Gauge Cling Film Cutterbox. Designed for both professional and home kitchens, this cling film provides a reliable and convenient solution for preserving freshness, extending shelf life, and ensuring sanitary food handling.

The cling film's generous width and length make it perfect for securing large items and trays, while the 35 gauge thickness guarantees durability and protection against air and moisture. The easy-to-use cutterbox simplifies the process, offering precise and safe cuts without the need for additional tools.

Whether you're prepping meals ahead of time, storing leftovers, or presenting dishes at a catered event, this cling film's clingy and clear properties ensure your food remains fresh and appealing. Suitable for a variety of applications, including refrigeration, freezing, and microwaving, it's the versatile choice for all your culinary needs.

Invest in our 24"x2000' 35 Gauge Cling Film Cutterbox for an efficient and effective way to cover, wrap, and preserve your food.

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